Twas surfing the internet today, something I often do not allow myself to do (there are too many outstanding items on my ‘to do’ list). However, I found myself at Insights 52. It’s been a ball.

Reading about incredible scientists that I hadn’t heard of (and if I had I have clearly forgotten their names), people with exciting scientific minds, people who don’t fit the norms, who don’t do it society’s way. I enjoyed every snatched minute.

Freeman Dyson was a revelation, what a humble man, poo pooing some of his own ideas as time and progress has shown them to be incorrect, but how wonderful all the same. Plus he looks like my grandpa and the BFG!


George Church, more current no doubt but a narcoleptic with dyslexia, talk about seeing the world differently. It was reading about his work in making cells immune to viral infection (George) that made me rethink my own writing. I have been in a little slump, holding onto your sense of purpose can be tough. But if our science continues to move at the rate is and the staggering changes CRISPR and all that that curtails then we need a generation that understands cellular biology better.

Overall we need a better, clearer, no jargon understanding of our bodies, at a cellular level. So when people get ill they have an idea of what’s happening and how they can be responsible for change, or they can get a better grip of treatments, or they can comprehend the need for continued scientific funding and collaboration internationally.

The possibility of finally creating immunity to the common cold virus feels apt right now, November 1st…pass me the tissues.