The Bideford 10 miler happened yesterday. I was in it, together with 800 other people. The weather was better than expected and our aim for the whole race was ‘get it done’. I wasn’t really ‘up for it’, we’d done very little training, but there was a medal for the taking and I for one will do most things for a medal. Instead of worrying about getting a good time I was looking at this run as a 90 minute chat with my mate (and a medal at the end- don’t forget the medal).

But what do you chat about on a 10 miler? Well it is an extensive list. In recent years we have covered politics, educational system, childcare, partners and what to wear next Friday night on the girls night out. It is often hard to remember topics and I try to mentally make a list of things we can discuss so the miles tick down nicely. The problem with this is during exercise my brain often forgets to turn up, or the usual filter it not engaged. This leads to interesting conversations, my subconscious gets involved and I says things I didn’t even know were on my mind. It would be enlightening if I could remember them properly afterwards!

Yesterday there were a good few subjects, babysitting, the housing market, pregnant friends and other forms of exercise, (I’m done with running for a while what else can we do). The other forms of exercise included weights, swimming and cycling. Cycling stuck and finer features of the anatomy of cycling was expanded on.

Apparently there is some honest and confident soul who has confessed to enjoying a spin class a little too much. In response to this revelation, as so often is the case, many others raised their hands in a ‘me too’ with a difference. Being a casual spinner I have never had this experience and it made me wonder how they are doing it. I nearly wrote how they are doing it so wrong, but in hindsight perhaps I’m the one doing it wrong.

Scared to cycle on the road I have always been partial to a bit of sweaty, stress busting spin, but I know I’ll be thinking very differently from now on. I wonder what the male members of the class would think if they knew? I wonder if anyone in my class spins differently to me? Am I going to adjust my technique? Eyeball everyone in the mirror? Or just get the giggles?

All I know is I have to book now to make sure I get a place in the next class.