I have had a weird week. Its been busy, too busy and I need a quiet one to recover.

Last week I attended the first Biosciences Outreach and Public Engagement Symposium at Birmingham University hosted by the Royal Society of Biology. OOOooooooo!

I don’t go away often and its exhausting (especially when they close the North Devon link road and don’t put up any diversion signs-still angry). There were workshops-a-plenty and a keynote speech by Prof Alice Roberts.


I was excited and ready to be inspired but left feeling a little ‘meh’.

Now I don’t want to take anything away from the organisers and many of the people who had input. At the end of the day I am an independent, I am not doing research and although I have a ‘message’ to get across to people my situation is certainly different to the majority of people there. So why did I feel so flat?

I’m still processing and am not sure this is the whole reason but part of it might be the realisation I had about how isolated I am from the rest of the academic population. I am proper on my own. So how do I fix this?

From the ‘outreach’ side of the symposium, I clearly need to ‘reach out’ and reconnect…my next mission.