All good scientists talk to their culturing cells. Recently a friend of mine, currently working at Bond Uni in Australia, reminded me that I used to talk to my cells. She even implied that my tenocytes (tendon cells) were a bad influence on her chrondroprogenitors (cartilage stem cells)! Cheeky. Under the title of this piece of exciting news the researchers admit that their cultured retinal cells are like their ‘babies’. This is so common. As a researcher you become invested in your cells, you are keeping them alive. I used come into the lab over the weekend to feed them…as did many others…aahhh those were the days.

Now I have actual babies that need feeding and watering and keeping warm. The biggest difference is these babies talk back and move independently! I wouldn’t change it but I do miss watching those petri dishes colonised with brand new cells. We had good chats.