The first blog back after Christmas, and what a Christmas it was. I realised about 2 weeks ago that I was putting off writing anything. I haven’t opened the ‘story’ manuscript in an age and as for blogging, the thought alone sent me into a flurry of ‘other’ activities…I even did the ironing!

So I started to think about what to write other than actually do it. This can help procrastination immensely, so can reading. I decided I needed input rather than thinking I constantly had to create output. But reading in the day feels like such a luxury. Well I sucked it up and decided that’s what was required…and I have loved it.

I don’t do New Years resolutions but upon reflection of 2018 I didn’t read enough. I read, don’t get me wrong. I can’t sleep without reading but the books I read at bedtime are very different to books that I want to read for other reasons…for input. So 2019 is the year of the book…all of them!

Other reflections included sprinting on the beach in a swimming costume and feeling my thighs flapping in the breeze (exhilarating and liberating), swimming the length of a 25m pool underwater (I have now done it twice and feel very accomplished) and pretending werewolves were chasing the kids and I to the swimming pool and back (they hung of the car bonnet and everything).

The last is one of my favourites because to watch the imagination expand and feed it and allow it to encompass you was such a treat. So here’s to 2019 and the next werewolf invasion.