Holy cow, I squatted the biggest, ugliest and stripiest mosquito in our living room yesterday. I shudder when they are so large the you can actually see the stripes on their legs – uurrgghhh.

It didn’t manage to penetrate anyones skin as it was sluggish due to undernutrition, as I had to explain to my daughter, no blood splatter when it squished, so it hadn’t fed in a while. This however didn’t stop her entering our room at about 4am convinced that the said dead mossie had mates that had begun to feed on her.

Obviously I was full of concern and just rolled over giving her enough room to crawl in. This is rare, it really doesn’t happen much anymore, she’s seven and generally a very good sleeper. But with killer mosquitos on the loose in our house (I told her to write a story about it) I acquiesced and allowed her time to recover.

But you have to admit it is strange. Mosquitos, inside a house (that has not had people in it for 4 days – half term break in Wales) in the UK in February … global warming obvs.

And now all I can do is itch….