I heard Caroline on radio 2 yesterday and her message was so compelling it had my husband shouting at the radio in agreement. She came across as intelligent and firm. At the end of the day facts are facts. I am desperate to get hold of her book and suck in all the examples she’s found about the world in which we live. About the data gap that she has exposed, that information we hold and use across our lives as a population is predominantly gathered from men. From the design of every car, to the tools of a surgeon and my personal favourite, even the way your cells respond to drugs.

What is equality? As my 10 year old son enjoys telling me, it is making sure everyones different needs are met, making sure they can all have an equal chance. If you look at a standard equality policy it usually says something along those lines, including possible different needs. The possible different needs include gender.

This week an all female space walk was cancelled because there weren’t enough space suits of the right size. Apparently they could have made one (they get fitted together from part), but there wasn’t time. Such a small thing and quite unbelievable. In the age of ¬†#MeToo¬†this is bad publicity for anyone.

The work in which we live is changing. My new career direction will see me needs PPE. It was one of things Caroline highlighted and had quite a few calls about. Most PPE is made for men. I don’t want to end up with knee pads lying redundant on my shins.

So, I am excited about the future. I am excited about learning to be a plumber. I am excited about the changes my daughter will see in her life. I am excited about getting some new work trousers. I am less excited by the fact that I keep waking up at 5:30am!