My weekend was exciting! My husband has been training for a charity boxing match since January the first. Not much drinking and lots of sparring sessions later, we made it to fight night. Goodness knows how he felt, but I was so distracted I almost couldn’t function. Gin helped.

Needless to say he stepped up and fought his ex-marine opponent with focus and commitment, I couldn’t have been prouder. The fighters had a sold out venue with 500 pairs of eyes on them under the spotlight. The charity was CRY – cardiac risk in the young – they pay for screenings for young people who might not know anything was wrong with their hearts. So he was also involved in potentially saving lives – doubly proud.

There were photographers on the night (thanks goodness all my shots were before or after – I was too involved), so thank you to Katie Bater and her lens. Mine is the man in black.