Well I had an interesting evening last night. A small group of friends and I ventured down to the beach after the children were all tucked up in bed to release our rage.

Fortunately the tide was high and the sun stayed out until the end. In our beginnings we were tentative and everyone felt very unsure. Unsure of our emotions and probably a little unsure of each other. Talking about things that make you angry and not feeling judged for those feelings is a tough thing to do. Thank goodness for close friends.

We had a little reading that set the mood and reminded us why we were all there in the first place. To release our rage. We took it turns and each had a timed 5 minutes. Some confessed to having been anxious about the meeting all week and others hadn’t given it a second thought. The anger flowed from some like jolts, dragging a deeper string of fury from the depths . Big things, little things, old things and new things. Others set a scene, the story behind, and the anger attached was specific and fierce. Frustrations about other people and our own frustrations at ourselves. It was epic.

After the release and the tears, which flowed freely, we wrote tributes to our rage on pebbles on the beach and hurled them into the sea. The tepid roars that we had started with had grown. Now they were fierce warrior screams. But there was no mania, no frenzy or craziness. Just anger and it felt amazing.

I wish I’d taken a picture, although I fear we’d have looked like chilly witches with tear stained cheeks. To finish, the genius who had suggested and arranged the evening had a collection of inspirational quotes for us, picked completely at random. To end it all this was mine…

“Sit in the ocean. It is one of the best medicines on the planet – the water.” – Nayyirah Waheed – Salt