What do you do when you can’t do the work you are qualified for? What do you when people see you as overqualified for most other type of work? It’s not that easy to get a job with a PhD when you live in the country and you have to make surety can still do the school run. Writing was where I turned. Yes I have made some progress, but honestly I’ve struggled with other peoples timeframes and publishers can be very relaxed.

Then an alternative arose.

The short story is I fixed a toilet and a dripping tap. Had an overwhelming sense of achievement. Banged on about it for ages. A friend had a similar ‘event’ and then at a New Years party she announced she had found a plumbing course and was going to ‘do it’. She also has a PhD.

The idea had merit. I’d thought about plumbing 8 years previously, but then fell pregnant again and ended up lecturing at the local college…stick with what you know. Now the same local college has just enrolled two female plumbers for a level 2 course that starts in September.

I can already feel the buzz you get from learning something new. I was so addicted to that buzz that after my degree I went to the library and started studying Meteorology. My degree was in Anatomical Science. 

After the college interview I asked about work experience. ‘You don’t need any,’ came the reply. Needless to say I am nothing if not enthusiastic and have already had 3 days with a plumber/heating engineer. I loved it. 

The most pressing issue at present is being able to get hold of female PPE equipment. But bear with me, I’m sure I’ll write when I finally manage to get hold of some (with short enough legs).