Going back to college at 40 is weird. Going back to a college you used to lecture at is really weird and not doing the school drop off OR pick up was just ridiculous.

At least I knew my way around and quickly guided us through the college maze. The day is split into three parts, practical, theory and more practical…absolutely the right balance and I loved it.

I learnt how to use pipe slices, pipe benders and compression fittings. We soldered, we calculated and we tested…and it was excellent. The disproportionate sense of achievement I had after fixing the leaky tap and toilet that started this journey was surpassed. I was loving it, and what made it more special, so was everyone else. Being in a class when everyone wants to be there is rare and exciting.

Our first module is called the scientific principles of plumbing – well as a scientist this was right up my street. Although the maths was straightforward and the pace relatively slow little nuggets of info (like the specific heat capacity of water – 4.184 joules) made me grin from ear to ear. I have taken a liking to the electromotive series, although I always liked magnesium and using it as a sacrificial anode seems sad!

Can’t wait til next week.

First soldering