Week 2 at plumbing college and we used 22mm copper piping and did our first practical assessment! I keep getting told to slow down and am very aware that I’m a bit ‘what’s next, what’s next, what’s next’ (lets call it my thirst for knowledge!).

I have to admit that it feels similar to working the the lab, in that it almost feels like playing! I assume because it’s that fun.

Here’s a problem, figure it out! – Ok I will.

The theory side of things is a little slower, but again, I’m always in a rush. Remembering the amount of information I would cover in my lectures, I used to advise my students to go over the slides beforehand and add links in them to use after the lecture too. So really there was an awful lot packed in. Okay that was level 4/5 stuff so, note to self…it’s ok to slow down.

But it’s not really in my nature. Hey ho, here’s to week 3!


Needs work on neatness of soldering and buffing! Next time buff it til it sparkles!