Yesterday was week 3 at Plumbing college, and my first ‘bad’ day. To be fair ‘bad’ is relative and I got it in the end, but the morning was full of frustrations. We started with passovers, full and partial, actually they were fine and there was a satisfaction when clipping them into place as part of a teaching framework. I think I might grow fond of that click!

The next piece became my nemesis. It was only a 90 degree bend with a 60mm offset, but could I do it *********….or no. First I did everything right and forgot to add the 7.5mm for the half a pipe distance, so the whole thing was 7.5mm short….oh the shame. Then I didn’t notice the gate of the bender loosen and create a dent in the copper. Then I did that again. Then I didn’t measure the 90 degree bend right, then I nearly cried and pulled my hair out. Then I forced myself to slow down and pretend I was doing to for the first time again…it still needed ‘tweaking’ to lie flat (my eyes had stopped working by now), but finally I made it. The worse exercise I have had so far, and it was supposed to be easier than the other stuff we’ve done.

After a theory session, where I remembered my GCSE physics and electricity work, became reacquainted with the ‘power triangle’ and heat transfer, I smashed the evening session. Low carbon steel is no longer a thing of mystery and I am ready together my hands on some next week. Bring it on!