Normally a day at college is long, but a day at college after half term I thought would be a breeze. Not so much, as it turns out. I am suffering from post half term fatigue and so have taken to my bed to type! A sure sign is when blowing your nose the rooms sways, your ears pop and a small whiney pipe type noise exits your nostrils…that’s when you know it’s time to tuck under the duvet and hope your fingers and the keyboard have honed their relationship so well they don’t really need you at all. I haven’t got my glasses on and can’t read the screen. No I don’t want to use zoom!

To have half term fatigue you have to have had half term and what a half term we have. We saw both sets of grandparents, uncles and aunts, a ton of friends, several beaches, a few fields, one chilli farm and one electric shock. Exhausting. I also now look at pipework under every sink, get excited if I see any kind of earth bonding (in our last electrical module – yes I am still doing plumbing) and am determined to get more work experience.

It’s so nice to start school again, dontcha think? 

Oh and none of these images have a filter…mainly because I have post half term fatigue!