Looking over my academic schedule I realised this week it’s been 10 weeks since we started the level 2 plumbing course. Am I still loving it … yes! This week was strange as on the practical side of things I didn’t feel I covered much, but through good teaching a serious number of things connected in my brain. I managed to join the dots!

Our practical and theory don’t always meet up, but now because we have the preliminary knowledge under our belts things are starting to form into the larger picture of plumbing and theory and practical are becoming one…

Cold water systems – the theory module – covers direct and indirect systems. This leads onto cold water storage cisterns and cold feeds for the hot water cylinders. With the theory we stop there – hot water systems are covered in the lead up to Christmas – but in the workshop we are starting on the bays where you have to install the whole shebang. You get an idea of the bigger picture and although I know learning little and often is good, getting a grasp on the topic as a whole always leaves me more satisfied. It always has. I remember sitting in scientific conferences and someone was presenting work on a protein they’d been working on, the intricacies, the folding and biochemistry of it all…but by the end of the talk I couldn’t have told you what the protein did and why it was important. And because I missed the bigger picture I forgot all the little pieces of research that had been painstakingly relayed.

Practically I cut notches in joists and mucked about with taps!