The Christmas tree is up, the presents are wrapped, the treats are piling up and this week I did my first rad. Yes it was in LCS, yes I did too much hand threading, yes I forgot to tape one damn connection, but after all of that it held under testing and I was really pleased. Vertical was vertical and horizontal was horizontal.


                    The little things

One week of college to go before the break and an exam on the first week back! Much of the hot water module has overlap with the cold water, I know, obviously. Get a grasp of hot water cylinders and you are half way there. As my course is level 2 I do keep coming up to the required limits of the system. I want to know about boilers, but don’t ‘need’ too. How do you design a system? Nope, that’s level 3. What about multi-storey buildings? No, No, No. The bigger picture is so important to my learning, I think I mentioned that before. I know, don’t run before you can walk, but my steps are getting more confident.


                                                         Still find taking everything apart heartbreaking