A different kind of countdown at the moment. Rather than the weeks done in college it has turned into the weeks we have been in lockdown. I have barely looked at a textbook and the only plumbing interactions have been online…thank god for Twitter.

There is one plumbing job to do at home but we haven’t got to that level of boredom yet…I know I should be enthusiastic but having to keep everyone else’s moods up is tiring. To be fair we are coping very well and I feel very privileged. Small things like we have a garden are what I am eternally grateful for. The ‘job’ involves crawling into a small space, perfect for a pint size plumber, but the air temperature is warming up and I know it’s going to be clammy.

No, instead of plumbing I am concentrating on other things, like keeping my sourdough starter contained and thinking of a good name for it…Clint Yeastwood has been taken. Best news of confinement so far is that we have a Bluetit back in our bird box, no-one else is as excited as me, but like I said its the little things now. All the little things.

I promise to watch some plumbing videos… when I can get to a device!

Keep in and keep safe.