In this time of lockdown, we are supposed to have plenty of time on our hands (if you aren’t key workers, or have more than one child over the age of about 7), I feel like I have less time. I miss the silence in my head…you are never alone…mine have regressed to following me to the toilet again!

Following up writing leads this week as proved fairly fruitless and with no plumbing possibilities on the horizon I found this more disheartening than usual. Feelings of sadness and frustration were creeping, and anyone who knows me knows that’s just not me. I don’t like feeling those feelings.

Then, out of the blue, a call from a local plumber I had made contact with before the lockdown. He’d been so positive before ‘all this’ happened, but for obvious reasons I heard nothing since lockdown. I wasn’t even sure if his business was ok, etc, let alone if I still had any hope of being involved.

The short version is I can still be involved, and the small electric prickles of excited were ignited in my chest again. Not only that but he was incredibly complimentary of my CV. When you are participating on a career change you can feel that your last ‘job’ has lost significance somehow, and thus your achievements are diminished. They aren’t and my lesson of today is to be less modest of my accomplishments, everything in my past will benefit my future and now I’m fired up again. Sometimes it’s amazing what you need to hear, I didn’t even realise how important this would be for me today.