My goodness, my head is often in many places at once and not in the pace its supposed to be, but at them moment it feels even worse! How is that even possible? I’ll fully accept that I don’t help myself, but aren’t we supposed to have more time at the moment. Lockdown has slowed everything except the way my brain works.

First and foremost, the taker of my brain space – homeschooling. Mine ebb and flow but refuse to to settle on much. Instead I find ways of forcing learning into activities they want to do: Making slime, is actually the chemistry of polymers and cross linking. Burning leaves with a magnifying glass, the combustion triangle. Zymology is the study of fermentation, necessary for your sourdough starter and general baking that EVERYONE is now doing. Making and decorating a cake, chemistry and maths rolled into one sweet treat.

Then we have my learning. Plumbing has definitely taken a back seat, but I am still required to complete worksheets and hand them in. That’s the basics. However, an opportunity that I might have mentioned before, has meant that ‘plumbing’ brain space is taken up with learning about heat pumps. Something that the college would not teach as it is probably level 3 and they can’t get their head around teaching outside of the syllabus. So I’ve signed up for webinars and have contact/youtube’ed as many sources as time allows (minimal at the moment).

Throw in the books I’m reading, I said I brought a lot of it on myself, but I often read more than one book at a time. However, at this time I’m periodically plunged into 16th century Rome, the artists quarter and lack of women’s rights versus mid 15th century Norfolk and the rebellion of the working Englishman. I mean its good, but it fills my head, I’m definitely turning to a relaxing Jack Reacher next!

Add in the need for physical exercise, Joe Wicks can do a lot but not all, and the day becomes a blur of what are we doing next, have I done everything, what is everyone else doing and what are we having for tea.

Where’s your head at?