Along with the rest of the world our household have been taking part in weekly zoom quizzes! Most can be fairly neatly kept to the actual time logged into zoom, but this week we’ve been asked to do a little homework. The question, “Who is the most impressive person you have met, with evidence.”

Now picking this apart, who is the most impressive person I’ve met…I have to confess my mind first went to the famous. Which celebrities have I met? Which can I evidence? Why are they ‘impressive’? I’m still pondering this, although I haven’t really met many famous people and certainly can’t prove it. But when I think about why they are famous, do their achievements impress me? Meh, I’m not sure if they do.

So my thoughts quickly shifted to what things DO impressive me. Turns out normal, everyday people impress me. Most people I know impress me. People who live their lives coping with a variety of problems but who still manage to laugh and bring up their kids with some semblance of sanity and patience.

So I decided that the people who impress me most are the mothers. The mothers who survived childbirth, who bring up their kids despite not having both a mother and a father, or having parents with their own ‘issues’, the mothers who work, finding a place for themselves as something other than ‘mum’, the mother’s who care for others children making them their own, the mothers who find time to exercise or practice mindfulness, the mothers who care for others, inside of the family or out, the mothers who manage, who cope, who excel, who learn, who show bravery and grit, gentleness and enthusiasm and above all patience. Buckets and buckets of patience.

So who needs to be famous to be impressive? Not me, or my friends.