Sounds like some obs and gynae issues, but in reality is exactly how I am feeling at present. The confusion and grey areas around how the plumbing trade is taught plus a worldwide pandemic has lead to an even more frustrating time for many people trying to get into the industry.

Struggling to get an apprenticeship isn’t new, alas neither is struggling to get work experience or in fact getting anyone to take you seriously. Hang on, that might not be completely true, there are people who take you seriously but these people are geographically too far away to help much, other than be encouraging…and they are excellent at that.

The plumbers who are not a million miles away and who are willing to take on a ‘learner’ are already inundated with people – take your place at the back of the line. But that creates a space to think…about the future. The future of the industry and how far you want to go down a path that might be weaned out due to government policies and zero carbon targets.

What I do know, the more I read about ‘on site’ working, studies on how covid has actually improved many practices, the more I want to be ‘on site’. I want to build and create. I don’t care if it’s in the mud and dirt, the rain or even snow. I genuinely feel invested in this industry, even if I never get further than providing potable water and removing waste.