I recently wrote a diary entry for the HIP student magazine. When is published I’ll add the link, but this post is about how I had to re-read it and follow my own advice.


Me, a Tesla battery and an ASHP!

 My diary described how I made an extensive list of local plumbers to ring, and my elation when the first one I tried said they’d help me. I was euphoric and quickly threw down all my excitement onto a page and pinged it to HIP. Unfortunately this plumber proved to be more than a little flaky and I as the week or unanswered messages went on couldn’t hide my disappointment. I literally sulked. How could he say ‘Yes’ then ignore me.

 Fortunately very soon afterwards I got a weeks work experience with a renewables company and on a journey back from a job we discussed my next steps. The conversation got onto ‘bad’ plumbers. Amazingly the guy that I had got so let down by turned out to be someone I should not have worked with, for multiple reasons that I won’t go into here. It goes to show that things do tend to work out for a reason…if you are a believer in fate. I think I might be.

 So with that bullet dodged (not my words), I completed my weeks work experience and resolved to call the bunch more plumbers the next week. I called so many even I was getting bored of my spiel. It’s interesting how people say no, it’s rare that someone will just say, “I don’t want to do that.” Human nature dictates that we have a justifiable reason, rather than an emotive feeling. There were a lot of reasons, ‘I work part time so that’s no good for you,’ and ‘There’s a problem with insurance,’ to ‘I’m retiring soon.’ All valid reasons, but you could get around all of these, fundamentally they didn’t want to and that is ABSOLUTELY FINE.

 Like I said I’m a believer in fate and although there is nothing concrete yet I have a couple of leads. If any kind of plumbing opportunity happens with these people it will be because it’s the right fit and the right time. Timing is everything, I’m a big believer in that too.

 So whatever you are trying to do in life believe that things happen for a reason, timing is everything and it’ll be alright in the end. If it isn’t alright…it isn’t the end.