I found a plumber.

You know when you find a new friend and have similar likes and dislikes, the familiarity of knowing the same movies, bands and sports…I found my plumber. The first day was his 50th birthday, we spent it in a bathroom and he told me to fit the shower, I did. The second day we talked about how we’d chosen our daughters names…all movie or tv related. I breathed a massive sigh of relief and got stuck in.

We’ve changed cylinders, re-balanced the heating system in a nearly 400 year old house (welcome to Devon), re-configured a downstairs loo for a gorgeous elderly couple, changed siphons and FOVs, installed a 4 bar pump and cleaned shower filters. I’m loving it. Quoting for jobs has taught me so much, including even a seasoned plumber um’s and ah’s about costings.

I still dream of heat pumps, but that will come and the time on the tools is priceless. All I know is I’m having a lot of fun…thank goodness for that!