Three days down and every lunchtime is a celebration. Education fatigue was very quick to hit this time around and I LOVE learning and even teaching, so goodness knows what it’s like for others. With only two children I count myself relatively lucky with the amount of juggling, homeschooling really should be something I can deal with…but that doesn’t make it easy.

Memories from last time are emerging as I see repeated behaviours and afternoon flagging is already obvious. It’s a little different this time my eldest is now in secondary school and the increased work organisation and load, mixed with technical issues has affected him. Screen time was always very limited in the week but now it’s essential. He is tired and droopy by the afternoon. A walk at lunchtime is now prescribed. Before I recognised the need for an outside activity we were just wrestling/gymnastic-ing/break dancing at break time – get it – anything that broke up the day, got the blood flowing and was an escape from the dreaded screen.

My work takes a back seat until they are all schooled out and I have a couple of hours at the end of the afternoon before dinner. It’s a lovely time of the day, we are all worn out but it is also the time of day that hasn’t changed too much. They are happy to chill and I’ve mooching around in the kitchen typing/cooking/break dancing….you’ll note the time of day this is being written!

The subjects and projects from school that have inspired the most have been science and technology, and I feel very smug about it. These are my subjects. My youngest is keen to be involved in constructing paper bridges and how light travels using shadow puppets, and my eldest is proud to have been tasked with these. Topics that spark interest and excitement are valued. Long may it continue.

Oh, and writing stories…everyone loves stories.

Happy homeschooling take 2.