Having spent a few years now in a strange transition period where constant learning is exciting but also exhausting, I completely appreciate why people don’t change careers. If I had had more ambition in my previous work I may have had more to lose, and this was a significant factor in deciding to take an alternative path. Now I’m practically marching in an alternative direction I realise how far down the tracks I had travelled and how proud I was of what I’d already achieved. I also realise how important it is to choose something you care about.

Starting from the ground up at 40 in a physically demanding, male dominated job market still makes me smile. Sure there have been many struggles, finding someone who’d let me look over their shoulder took what felt like a lifetime, being offered minimum wage made me cry and not having much of that important time to myself has meant doing things differently, but overall it’s close to having been worth it. I’m slowly getting there, even though I don’t feel like I have time to get there slowly. You can’t run before you can walk (on repeat).

I approached a company who gave me the time of day through a Twitter introduction, the boss asked me what I wanted. I said I wanted to learn how to do everything ‘Heat Pump’, from survey to service, and then decide which part I liked the most. And to be fair, that’s exactly what I’m doing.